Fish day!

My BARF menus also included a fish day!
As I fed my last dog meat, fish, vegetables and fruit (BARF) for many years,
I didn't want my new dog to miss out on anything. However, I no longer felt like
elaborate barfing. I found an ideal alternative in the ANIFIT tins from PROVITAL.
I am particularly pleased that fish is offered. My BARF menus also included a fish day.
fish day.
The 5-year-old Yuma comes from an animal rescue centre and has only been with me for 3 months. Because she is quite
lean, I feed her 25 g of FLEISCH-FLOCKE HIRSCH every day. However, the baked pellets
pellets in the evening as a search game in the house. A healthy highlight on long winter evenings.

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