Buddy loves his training treat Deer Snack

Hello dear Anifit team,

Not only is my dog Buddy extremely enthusiastic about the "Hirsch" dog treats, but so am I of course.

The treats are ideal as a reward snack when travelling.
The snacks can simply be slipped into a jacket or trouser pocket as they don't stick and don't leave any greasy residue.
The snacks also have a very pleasant scent.
Other dogs also like to come running to me to sniff my jacket pocket filled with deer treats and when I take out a piece of deer and feed it to them, you can happily see how much they like to devour it.

The natural ingredients are a positive aspect. The treats are free from additives and contain no grain.
They are very well tolerated.

It would be nice if consumers could find out what the crude oils are made of.
We would appreciate a larger packaging unit with more content.

And when I see how crazy my dog is about these snacks, how much he loves eating them and how well the training sessions work with them, it makes me happy too.

My dog Buddy and I recommend the treats without reservation.

A really successful product

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