Luna tolerates the meat flakes very well

We got our Luna, a Maltipoo, from the breeder in August at the age of 12 weeks.
Everything went well except for the food. We continued to feed her the breeder's food.
But she hardly ate at all, and when she did, it was always in stages.
We didn't know that from the two dogs we had before.
So I checked out the Facebook group to see what other people were feeding her.

After some research, I came across Anifit. The food and its composition convinced me.
I also like the nutritional advice.
With the good advice, the changeover to a new food went without a hitch.

As she was fed wet food twice and dry food at lunchtime, I wanted to stick with it.
So she gets Meat Flakes Venison at lunchtime, which are good for her and she likes to eat them.

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