Spaiki loves the food from Anifit!

Dear Anifit team,

Thank you so much for the great food from Anifit!

Our Frenchie has been fed this since he was 5 months old, before that he was unfortunately given dry food on the recommendation of the breeder.

Now the little one is 10 months old and is doing splendidly! He tolerates almost all varieties and is growing and thriving.

Thanks to Mrs Felicia Gräfe I discovered Anifit, I was given top advice and can always turn to her when questions arise, she is very competent and courteous.

Doggie gets muscles as described and has not a gram of fat compared to his fellow dogs. The coat is soft and shiny, the stool is perfect!

The Anifit treats are also a dream and he loves them.

I am so pleased to have found this food in time for the benefit of my Frenchie who are known for their delicate health.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Daniela Vladeva with baby Spaiki

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